Business Segments

Healthcare Supplies

We are an established healthcare supplier, providing a wide range of products and services to help healthcare providers and institutions deliver the best possible care to their patients and customers. Our products range from medical disposables to essential surgical instruments. Our Healthcare Supplies segment has a solid track record of delivering high-quality supplies to government agencies and various institutions.


Our sister company, SD Cure Solutions Sdn Bhd, is a licensed supplier of pharmaceutical drugs in Malaysia. We are able to provide hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers with a wide suite of medications. This is expected to improve access to essential medicines for Malaysian patients, while also supporting the growth of the Malaysian pharmaceutical industry.


Laundry Services

Our comprehensive laundry service encompasses every step of the linen care process, ensuring that your facilities are equipped with clean, sanitized, and professionally handled linens. We meticulously sort and classify linens based on their specific requirements, employing advanced washing and disinfecting techniques to eliminate any potential contaminants. Our ironing and folding services ensure that your linens are neatly presented and ready for immediate use.

Logistics Services

Our logistics services are compliant with Good Distribution Practice (GDP), a set of standards that govern the storage, transportation, and distribution of medical products. GDP compliance is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of medical products. By choosing us to handle your logistics, you can be assured that your medical products are being stored, transported, and distributed in a safe and compliant manner.

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